Ten Reasons To Fire a Babysitter

bad_babysitter83b731Babysitters are often indispensable to busy families. However, finding a good babysitter is not always easy and there are times your babysitter may not turn out right. Of course, like everyone else, your babysitter may have a few flaws that can be ignored if they pose no potential danger to your child. Some flaws however, are serious and can simply not be ignored. Here are some valid reasons for firing a babysitter:

When you entrust your child to another person, you want to be sure that you can trust the person completely. Any act of dishonesty, including lying or engaging in any dishonest dealing puts the integrity of the babysitter in question and this hardly inspires trust or confidence in them. No matter how good the babysitter may be in other areas, firing a dishonest babysitter may be the best move.
Compromising on safety
Your child’s safety should always be a priority. This means that the sitter should know how to protect the child from harm by ensuring the environment is safe. Otherwise the sitter is responsible for any incident that may cause harm to your child and this is a good enough reason to fire him or her.
Not only should your babysitter care for your child while you are away, but a good sitter should also be a person you can trust with your belongings. If you notice that your items disappear when you hire a babysitter, it is a good idea to investigate. A sitter who steals from you cannot be trusted and there is no knowing what else he or she is capable of when left alone with a child.
Being irresponsible
A responsible sitter is an asset to any parent. Irresponsible behavior is unacceptable and includes spending long hours chatting on the telephone, bringing friends along on duty, watching too much TV or engaging in any other activity while the children are unattended. Additionally, exposing children to inappropriate content such as pornographic material are also good reasons to warrant dismissing your babysitter.
Alcohol or drugs impair a person’s judgement and function. Under no circumstances should your sitter be drunk while babysitting.
The reason you hire a sitter is to provide the best possible care to the child in your absence. You are as good as leaving your children on their own when you have a sitter who cannot be bothered to mind the children. If you find out that your sitter has been neglecting his or her duties, let them go for your peace of mind.
The work of a babysitter is to care for children, not to harm them in any way. Any sitter who abuses a child be it emotional or physical abuse should be dismissed.
No control over child
It is one thing to care for children and another to let them do whatever they want and generally be uncontrollable. A sitter who is unable to reign in on children or lets them break rules as they wish is not suited to raising well-behaved, disciplined children.
Your babysitter should show up to work in time and make the effort to keep your home neat and organized. A sitter who cannot keep time is an inconvenience and may not be reliable.
No respect for rules
Every home has rules that govern the people in it. If you expect these rules to apply to your sitter, let him or her know about them from the beginning.

Out with the old, in with the new…  need to find a new babysitter?