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These hot off the press coupons for Fri, 07 Oct 2022 15:53:54 +0000 Fri, 07 Oct 2022 15:53:54 +0000 have been tested by our coupon masters and enthusiasts to all but guarantee you will get the biggest discount and most bang for your buck you are ready to snatch up a Sittercity monthly or yearly subscription.

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If you find these deals aren’t saving you top dollar at, or if you want to rave about all of the cash you saved, make sure you check off the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons that will appear after you “click to reveal” your code – this is how we rate the promo codes (and this page).  If we find a coupon is getting lots of love, we’ll keep it on top.   And if another comes back with lots of “boos”, we’ll know its time to get some better working codes!  If you aren’t ready to pull the trigger on a Sittercity membership just yet (are you really waiting to get some alone time away from the kids)?   Thats ok,  check back and we’ll have some new Fri, 07 Oct 2022 15:53:54 +0000 deals posted for your perusal very soon!

Its not rocket science, but if you want to know how to use one of these excellent Discounts….   read on:

First:  Check out all the cool things about and if you’re ready to go ahead, start the check out process and look for the “Promo Codes” link below the membership boxes (the annual membership does give you more bang for the buck, but it also is a bigger up front investment):


Step 2.   Click “Enter a promo code” and a text field will open up. Copy and paste (ctrl+c    ctrl+v) one of the codes from our coupon boxes above into the text field and click the submit button.  The discount should show up immediately in your total, or it will alert you if the coupon is invalid or expired.  If the coupon is a no-go, make sure you rate it a big thumbs down, and then try a different one from above (and eeh gads, if you find none of them are working – please contact us!!).

3.  Finalize your care seeker membership purchase.  Then sit and daydream about all the cool things you can do with the extra 25 – 40% that these deals helped put back into your wallet.   Perhaps the best idea, is to find yourself a great sitter and really enjoy that much deserved night out!

4.  Do us a favor, don’t forget to feedback and rate (thumbs up or down) the codes in the boxes above after you find a sweet deal, we are depending on you to let us know if we deserve kudos for awesome deals, or if we need to hang our heads in shame for not keeping the codes current – so please vote and let us know how we are doing!


Are you looking for the latest and greatest SitterCity Promotion Codes?   Ours have been researched and may be the only cure for sitter-over-spenditis.   If you are suffering from this wallet debilitating condition, you will find much needed healing with the use of these promo codes, and the awesome sitters on  For a long term cure, select the annual plan, but if you only need a quick fix, the monthly plan will still help keep your checkbook fuller with these deals.  With the money saved, you’ll be able to find that perfect Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee for your kids, and will have a plethora of options as to where to spend all that extra cash in your purse.   Sittercity is SuperNanny approved, and with the help and savings from these codes, you will be too!


About is a pretty fantastic online tool for moms and dads, pet owners, or anyone else who is in desperate need of a care providers including but not limited to: babysitters, nannies, au pairs, pet sitters, senior companions, house cleaners housekeepers, house sitter & tutors.  Right now Sittercity services about 30 cities in the USA, but is always expanding its region of support.  You can find out which nannies are superstars and which are duds by way of peer reviews, background checks, and referral checks (although we’ve found that most sitters you’ll find on the site are pretty awesome!)   If you’re tired of calling around to sitter after sitter trying to find one who doesn’t have plans on New Years Eve or Valentine’s Day, you can simply post a job on the site and let the sitters come to you.   think of that, no more hours on the phone getting rejected by sitters who’s social life is more important that your charming kiddos!!  Take our word for it and give it a shot – you won’t regret it!

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