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Top 8 Things To look For While Hiring A Responsible Babysitter

It is a gift to have kids at home. Life would be a package of boredom and dullness without little ones. They are bundles of joy, but is it possible to remain at home with your kids all 7 days and 24 hours? The answer is certainly NO. You need to take a break. When you take a break you need someone to look after your little ones.

There are some fortunate parents who have grandparents, uncles and aunts nearby. Not everyone is lucky. If you don’t have any family members nearby, you have to find a baby sitter to take care of your kids. You can enjoy your outing only if you are able to find a responsible babysitter.

Hiring a babysitter can be a daunting task. You should look into many things before hiring a responsible babysitter. Your job could be made easy if you have an idea about the things to look for while hiring a babysitter.

Qualities of a good babysitter

A responsible baby sitter should possess some qualities like patience, warmth, friendliness, entertaining and punctuality. You should look for these important qualities in your babysitter. Kids are always curious. They ask a lot of questions. They can be very mischievous. Your baby sitter should have the patience to answer all questions and to tolerate their mischief. They should be friendly to your kids. Kids need to be engaged with craft or puzzles or books or DVDs. Your baby sitter should know how to keep your kids entertained. Punctuality is an important quality for a babysitter. Late arrivals can affect your plans. Look for these important qualities before hiring a babysitter.

Knowledge of first-aid

You can never know when an emergency would arise with little kids around. It is better to find a babysitter with CPR certification. If not, make sure that the babysitter has some basic knowledge of first aid. Prompt first-aid could be life saving at times. So first aid knowledge and experience is a must.

Driver’s license

Sometimes first-aid may not be sufficient. The child may need immediate medical attention. In such an emergency situation, babysitter with a driver’s license is beneficial. You need not worry about emergencies if the babysitter is licensed to drive.


How can you know if the babysitter has all qualities that you are looking for? You have to look for references. Ask your friends and neighbors who have previous experience. Ask them all necessary questions about the baby sitter. If they give positive answers, you can hire her without any second thoughts.


The right age of the babysitter depends upon the age of your kids. Kids below the age of 5 can be full of pranks. They need older baby sitters with lots of patience. Toddlers keep on running. They need young babysitters with lots of energy. Infants need timely and motherly care. They need someone who has the experience of taking care of infants.

Comfortable with kids of all ages

Do you have 2 or more kids? Then you should find a babysitter who is comfortable with kids of all ages. How can you know that the babysitter is comfortable with all your children? Observe her interacting with your children. If you feel that your little ones are comfortable with her and she is comfortable with them you can hire her.


It is difficult to lay rules for disciplining a child. It is wrong to spank a child. It is also wrong to let the children to behave however they wish. They should be disciplined with a stern voice. You should make sure that the babysitter is able to keep your child disciplined in the right way without crossing the boundary.

Suit the needs and atmosphere of your family

The way of handling kids vary from one parent to another. The family atmosphere varies from one home to another. Your babysitter should be able to adapt herself to suit the needs and atmosphere of your home.


It is better to look for experienced babysitters. It is not necessary that they should have professional experience. It is enough if they have the experience of looking after their little brothers and sisters at home. They know how to take care of children and how to handle an emergency. Experience is important to become a responsible babysitter.

Hiring a babysitter should be done with great care, especially the first time. Once you are satisfied with a babysitter, you can continue to hire the same one.